The Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Category: New Testament Commentaries
Tom H Ratcliffe

This book does not go into deep, controversial examination of the various interpretations propounded and published by other authors. The objective is to set out the ministry of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in a simple and understandable language, so that all who read it might comprehend more readily the signifi cance and meaning of the many facts, types, fi gures and illustrations employed by the faithful Seer, John, the disciple whom Jesus loved.The author has written in an easily-understood form, so that all who may so far have steered clear of reading, or desiring an understanding of, the precious Revelation of Jesus Christ, may now be enthused to read, mark and learn the teaching of the book. In Revelation 1.3 and 22.7, a divine blessing is assured to all who read, hear and keep the words of the prophecy.

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