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"Witness the manhunt that changed the course of human history"

Clavius, a powerful Roman Military Tribune stationed in Jerusalem, has been tasked with investigating a missing person: the recently crucified Yeshua, whose very own execution was overseen by Clavius and his aide Lucius.

Despite having stationed two of his own guards at the tomb, which he also sealed with a boulder and bound with rope and wax, the body had simply vanished.

With rumours of resurrection surfacing among the people, and no body to disprove them, the tentative peace of the area is becoming threatened. Believing the disciples of the deceased to have stolen the body in order to fuel the rumours of Yeshua returning to life, Clavius begins to chase them down.

All the while, up in his palace, Pontius Pilate is struggling to keep his grip on the people.

With Pilate breathing down his neck, and with still no body to be found, Clavius is becoming more and more desperate.

Rome is failing in it's grip on Judea, the people are become restless, and yet Clavius is no closer to solving the mystery of the missing body.

Everything he sees appears to lead up one, impossible, conclusion.

The one conclusion Clavius was in no way prepared to reach.

What if Yeshua really is alive?

Directed by Kevin Reynolds (The Count of Monte Cristo, Waterworld), and starring the BAFTA nominated Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love), as well as Tom Felton (the Harry Potter series) and Cliff Curtis (Sunshine), Risen brings a wholly unique approach to the story of the resurrection, and its impact on the time. Told from the point of view of a character who not only didn't believe, but who had to disprove it at any cost.

It's the story of the most important man-hunt every to have happened.

Of looking for a man who dies, but instead finding one who has Risen.

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