Rules Were Made to Be Broken Tract

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Written with the various summer sporting events in mind - gives a clear gospel message throughout. £5.00 Per 100

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Stephen Baker
Written with the various summer sporting events in mind - gives a clear gospel message throughout.
£5.00 Per 100
Wording of tract:
To many of us sport is something that we watch rather than do. Despite all our best intentions to get more exercise it often just doesn’t happen. Every year, host countries and cities provide numerous opportunities not only to see the action on TV or online but the added thrill of experiencing the action close up. Whether it be a World Cup, the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games or various other national and international events people flock to witness individuals and teams making history. 
What is it about sport that intrigues us? Why do we get so excited when our team is winning or losing? What makes us identify so closely with our national teams and feel it so keenly when they do not achieve what we feel they are capable of? 
The answer lies in the uniqueness of the human being. We are so different from the rest of the living world around us. As Homo Sapiens we can dream, imagine and remember. We have a spiritual bond with our fellow humans that the rest of the animal world does not have. We are unique among creation. 
Part of our makeup is that we are people with an inbuilt sense of right and wrong. We feel it keenly when rules are broken. Most of us feel that events must run according to the rules. When this does not happen we expect someone to deal with the situation fairly. Take for instance Ben Johnson, the Canadian 100 meter sprinter. He broke a world record in the 1988 Summer Olympics only to be disqualified and lose his title because it was proven that he had used performance enhancing drugs. The outrage people felt was palpable. People believe in rules and expect contestants to perform within them.
This is exactly how God operates. He believes in rules and exercises fairness when applying them. He has stated what the rules are; the 10 commandments are the best-known example. The consequence of disobeying them is death. Death is to be cut off from God. The bible states that ‘the wages of sin is death’. It is the fair and just consequence of breaking God’s rules. Our actions indicate that we want our will not His. When we turn away from God we refuse all that He has on offer such as love, life, peace and joy. All we are left with is death. 
Please hear me out, as my message to you gets far better. God does not only act in the capacity of Judge. He sent His own Son, Jesus, personally to this world to save us from the problem we got ourselves into. One of the names of Jesus is Emmanuel, it means ‘God with us’. You may be vaguely familiar with it from Christmas cards or carols. The bible teaches that ‘Christ Jesus 
came into the world to save sinners’. It is the death of Jesus on the cross that satisfies God’s demands. We broke the rules, God holds us accountable for this but ‘Christ died for our sins’ so that we could be forgiven. God now offers us forgiveness because he accepts what Jesus has done on our behalf if we accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord. 
Your response is key to determine whether you will benefit from what the Lord Jesus did when He died on the cross. If you confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness. It would be a wonderful year if you were to speak to God, confess your need of forgiveness and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

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