The Rumour Mill (Aletheia Book 6)

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Category: RP Children
E M Wilkie

Aletheia, the great city of Bible Truth in the land of Err, is once more under threat from the wicked Meddlers. This time the Meddlers will use lies and slander to undermine the leaders and destroy the Truth the city stands for. When the people of Aletheia discover the Meddlers’ plan, they know they must try to destroy the evil Rumour Mill – the centre of the Meddlers’ activities. But how can they find it? And what weapon is powerful enough to destroy it?

Charlie Steady has lived in Aletheia all his life. He’s fed up with high expectations and restrictions: he wants excitement and adventure away from Aletheia and Bible Truth altogether. When Charlie goes his own way and encounters the Meddlers, he becomes infected with their poison – he imbibes their character; he even begins to look and sound like them. How can his friends help him? How can he understand the Truth when he is infected with lies?

Characters from previous books in the series set out on a journey through the hazardous land of Err. Soon they are on the run from the guards and inspectors of Err. In a fantastic, dangerous adventure, they face capture, defeat, pain, and great sacrifice. When at last they see the horror of the Rumour Mill the results are dreadful and spectacular.

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