Saints Alive Participant's Journal

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John Finney
Felicity Lawson

Since its first release in 1982 Saints Alive!, produced in association with ReSource (previously known as the Anglican Renewal Movement), has been completed by around 350,000 participants with countless testimonies of people finding faith for the first time, rediscovering their love for the Lord, or experiencing a richer and deeper experience of the presence and power of God. Saints Alive! introduces people to faith in God through the power of the Holy Spirit, helping them to be integrated into the life of the church and moving out into ministry in their everyday lives. A nine week course for churches and groups of any size, it does not matter how much or how little people know about the Christian faith – all are welcome. Starting with the experiences of those in the group, Saints Alive! takes the leaders and participant’s on a voyage of discovery. It begins by considering our relationships, and in particular our need for God in the centre of our lives. Two sessions look at Jesus – what He taught and what He did, particularly studying the cross and the empty tomb, and then two sessions focus on the work of the Holy Spirit and His significance for our life today. Session six offers a time of ministry when people can respond to what they have learnt and receive whatever ministry is right for them, before the concluding sessions which explore how we can grow as Christians in fellowship with others in the Church and begin to minister to people you know. With a leader’s manual, optional videos, and a journal for every ember with teaching, Bible readings, and space to record their thoughts, Saints Alive! has been used by hundreds of thousands all over the world and with this new edition it will be used more widely still.

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