Sankey My Life and Sacred Songs

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Ira D Sankey

The stories behind your favourite hymns.

The first time he sang with D.L. Moody he stood on a wooden crate on a street corner. Before long, Ira Sankey was singing in front of thousands of people in the U.S.A. and Britain. He introduced to the world many of today’s best-known hymns and profoundly impacted gospel music for future generations. In this story of Sankey’s remarkable life, you will read of how God used the Moody and Sankey meetings in a remarkable way. The names with which they were associated will roll off the tongue; Major D.W. Whittle, Philip P. Bliss, Fanny Crosby, and many more. You will read of the background of many of your favourite hymns; read of the first time The Ninety and Nine was sung, how Sankey made up the tune on the spot, the tune we still use today. You will be encouraged and renewed as you dive into the background of these old hymns, and will be assured once again that the Lord can still use the preaching of His Word and the “singing of the gospel” to the blessing of saint and sinner.

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