Searching Messages From the Minor Prophets: Volume 2

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Malcolm C Davis

The aim of this book is to present to readers, both Christian and nonChristian, the five rather different messages which the ‘Minor Prophets’ (Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai and Malachi) preached to their Israelite contemporaries in the seventh to fifth centuries BC, in the conviction that they are still very relevant to us today in the 21st century AD. The messages are very searching, because they relate to our conduct in daily life today, and speak of our spiritual destiny. They are also very revealing, since they speak both of God’s interventions in the history of ancient Israel, and of His further plans for them and the whole world, probably in the near future. In some of them Christ is clearly predicted to hold the key to Israel’s final blessing, while in others we can learn valuable lessons for Christian life and service. These messages were divinely inspired to guide us safely through the dangers all around us today into the safety of God’s heavenly harbour. To ignore them is disastrous. After a general introduction, each book is introduced individually, then followed by a concise commentary on every chapter in it. The historical background of each is described, and its outline analysed, but most is said concerning its main message for the original readers, and for us today. 

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