Spared By Grace

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John Buchan

For John Buchan, a summer morning began just like any other. He woke up and left for work—and then four weeks later, he awoke again to find himself in a hospital, suffering from catastrophic injuries. It was a miracle he was alive. Spared by Grace is the inspiring true story of one man’s miraculous “against all odds” survival and recovery from a very serious head-on collision. Doctors were surprised he was alive and have expressed their amazement at his recovery. Having sustained a serious brain injury, one of the many miracles has been the completion of this book, which details many answered prayers. John, a fishing skipper, also shares the story of his life and how he built his family. The strength he and his family have been given to carry them through this journey is remarkable. In the final chapter, John Buchan concludes that his life has indeed been spared by grace.

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