Storylines Small Group Edition Participants Guide

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Andy Croft and Mike Pilavachi

The Participants Guide to go alongside the Storylines Small Group Edition DVD with Leader’s Guide. Whether you are new to the adventure or a seasoned follower of Jesus, journey through the Bible along a new, clear and well-lit path with this new small group curriculum based on Storylines, the best-selling book from Andy Croft & Mike Pilavachi.

Discover the big themes of scripture:

Session 1: The Jesus Storyline

Session 2: The Covenant Storyline

Session 3: The Presence Storyline

Session 4: The Kingdom Storyline

Session 5: The Salvation Storyline

Session 6: The Worship Storyline

Guided by these six overarching themes, Mike and Andy lead readers to a clearer understanding of the grand sweep of scripture. With a DVD & leader’s guide plus a separate participant’s guide, the course features videos of Mike and Andy leading a small group through the material.

An excellent resource for small group leaders, youth pastors and church leaders, this small group edition complements the best-selling Storylines and follows the same six-session structure.

This new small group edition will complement the successful Storylines book following the same six-session structure. The video component will feature Mike & Andy leading a small group through the material which will be packaged as a DVD and leader’s guide, with an accompanying participants’ guide.

Mike Pilavachi is the co-pastor of Soul Survivor Watford in London and the founder of Soul Survivor, an international movement that equips young people to make a difference in their generation.

Andy Croft is the co-pastor of Soul Survivor Watford and is the co-author with Mike Pilavachi of the books Storylines, Lifelines and Everyday Supernatural.

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