Strength for the Soul

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Category: Devotional
Eric Sandor

“Eric’s psalm-like outpourings of his heart toward God will, I believe, strengthen your soul. Like the psalms they come from a deep and often desperate place, rooted in real life trials, tragedies and triumphs of the kind that drive us to our knees wondering where God is in it all, or find us exulting in surprising interventions. They function like psalms too – as jumping off points, catalysts for our own outpourings to God. For many readers there will be an immediate bond of identification, a fellowship in sufferings that says; ‘I’ve been there too’, ‘You understand my journey’. For others Eric will be like a scout who ventures ahead into unknown territory and returns with reassurance that despite towering obstacles, there will be a way through. So read them, engage with them as you might a psalm or a poem, feeling the emotion, making the words your own. Then give voice to your own prayers, longings and meditations or wait in silence as God speaks strength into your soul.” – Graham Kendrick, Songwriter

“Eric Sandor truly lives a surrendered life in devout nearness to Jesus. His vulnerability through life’s storms, and his non-stop reliance on God’s unfailing love – even in the midst of profound personal loss – has consistently brought strength, openness and depth to our community. It is a gift to be privy to his encounters with Jesus in this very special book. As you venture further into the heart of God through his perspective and eloquent descriptions, your life and intimacy with Jesus will be enriched. I believe he has much to impart to the body of Christ. A beautiful journey of renewal awaits in these devotions, that are alive with testimony and revelation.” – Tiffany Buhler, David’s Tent Managing Director

“Eric Sandor has created a beautiful and heartfelt set of meditations that encourage us all to dwell on the faithfulness of God. Borne from his own walk with the Lord, this book reveals the Father’s Heart on every page. As a daily devotional, it should be cherished, lingered in and focused on. This book is medicine for the soul, and a true companion in our journey with the Lord.” – Fergus Scarfe, GOD TV.

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