The Faith Of God's Elect
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The Faith Of God's Elect

John F. Parkinson
Foreword This is the book I have awaited some years. The book is also the answer to prayer. I am delighted therefore to give it my unqualified recommendation as a book vital to the understanding of the truth of election as taught...
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This is the book I have awaited some years. The book is also the answer to prayer. I am delighted therefore to give it my unqualified recommendation as a book vital to the understanding of the truth of election as taught in Scripture.


For too long this subject has been avoided by expositors and teachers who have often brushed it aside on the ground that it is either too difficult or too controversial. The result has been, at best, a very serious deficit in ministry and, at worst, a yielding of the ground to a Calvinist theology that has robbed many believers of the sweetness and truth of a freely offered gospel. This book makes up that deficit and suggests scriptural answers to unscriptural teaching on the great subject of election. In developing the subject the author will make clear that the tension in the minds of many saints between divine sovereignty and human responsibility arises from a complete misunderstanding of scriptural teaching on divine sovereignty. The book goes further than this and alerts the mind of thinking saints to the danger inherent in applying natural reasoning and human logic to divine revelation. To do so leads to conclusions that are contrary to Scripture. Calvinistic theology is the result of accepting the theology of Augustine and using the logical method of deductive reasoning of Aristotle to provide a false theology to which many evangelicals unthinkingly subscribe.


I have known the author for many years and in discussions on Scripture have valued his insights and understanding on a variety of topics. On this particular topic, the subject of much study over many years, he writes with accuracy and acuteness behind which there is clarity of thought coupled with an aptitude of expression that makes the book a joy to read. I enjoyed the reading of it and I enjoyed the presentation of the arguments that left a very clear understanding of the scriptural teaching on election. I believe that God will use this book to the help of believers throughout the world.


Some who read this book might find many previously held assumptions challenged. This is to be welcomed, as the challenge will be presented, not on the ground of the opinions of learned men or on the ground of commonly accepted truth, but on the safe ground of Scripture. I appeal for careful and prayerful consideration of the arguments presented and a Berean attitude as putting each one amongst those ‘Who searched the Scriptures daily, whether these things were so’ (Acts 17:11). This done, I feel the conclusion will be inescapable that when challenged by Scripture the five points of Calvinism are based on human reasoning and not the Word of God. When these are discarded then the truth of scriptural election will sparkle as the central jewel in the ring of revealed truth. When election is seen in the light of Scripture, as linked not to salvation but to the blessings that follow salvation, and belonging to those ‘in Christ’, then difficulties disappear and many Scriptures take on a new beauty within their differing contexts.


Whatever views are held on election this book cannot be ignored. The word studies, the passages examined, the contexts investigated and the conclusions drawn all invite close study and will repay open-minded consideration. So much confusion exists in the minds of many believers regarding divine sovereignty and human responsibility that some argue that it is better to avoid the subject for the sake of peace. This is to give way to obscurantism and the ignoring of divine revelation. In this book the author writes graciously with consideration of the views of others who differ with him. The tone has to be in some measure controversial but it is neither offensive nor polemical and this adds to the appeal of the book.


Having found Calvinistic teaching unscriptural and yet seen its devastating results in several areas of the world I would not like to see such teaching destroy the gospel outreach in this land. I lend my unreserved support to a book that I believe God will use to send all of us back to ponder scriptural teaching and bring us afresh into the freedom to preach an unrestricted gospel to the ‘whosoever will’. This book is sent forth with that prayer.


Jim Allen

Belfast, July 1999


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