The Temple
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The Temple

The Temple Pamphlet includes full-colour pictures and diagrams of the First Temple (Solomon's Temple) and the Second Temple (New Testament Temple) in Jerusalem.
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The Temple Pamphlet includes full-color pictures and diagrams of the First Temple (Solomon's Temple) and the Second Temple (New Testament Temple) in Jerusalem.

The Temple Pamphlet is an amazing full-color booklet with hundreds of facts about the Temple. In the First Temple picture, each of the furnishings are identified. In the Second Temple diagram, you can see King Herod's expansion of the New Testament Temple with the massive courts that were added before Jesus' birth. These were the courts where Jesus taught and prayed.

The Temple pamphlet has a detailed and colorful diagram of the Jewish Temple drawn to scale based on measurements from the Bible. Each of the Temple furnishings are explained in detail, as well as their functions, purposes, and the meanings they have for believers today. The Temple Pamphlet also has a question-and-answer section filled with fascinating facts about the biblical Temple.

Teachers can show students the outer courtyards of the Temple and the area where Jesus praised the widow who gave sacrificially to the Lord, giving "the widow's mite." The Temple pamphlet explains each of the Temple's key features: the Ark of the Covenant, the Veil, the Holy Place, and the Most Holy Place (the Holy of Holies), to name a few. The Templepamphlet includes:
A tour of the temple and its features
An historical time line and fascinating facts
A Q & A about the Temple
A beautiful illustration of Herod's Temple (sometimes called the third temple)
References to Jesus in the Temple
Biblical encounters that happened in God's Temple

The Temple Pamphlet tells the 1000-year history of the Temple in Jerusalem. An historical time line shows the years the Temples were built, destroyed, and rebuilt. The timeline covers:
The Tabernacle
The First Temple -- Solomon's Temple
The Second Temple -- Zerubbabel's Temple
The Second Temple (Enlarged) -- Herod's Temple


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