These We Have Loved CD

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Category: Instrumental Music
Peter Jackson

I’ve always been a fairly ambitious person, but with advancing years, ambitions began to retreat: yet one remained obstinate and unsatisfied. In my travels, I had mentioned it to quite a number of churches who, for the most part, thought very favourably of this remaining ambition – to put on CD many of the choruses that we loved to sing in churches, in rallies, and around the piano in times long past. I wondered whether this ambition would ever be fulfilled, and then came a communication from my colleagues in Fraserburgh who shared this ambition with me. This double CD album is the result, and I am for ever indebted to these wonderful people. Many years ago, the young people sang the same choruses as the older folk, and then came the division, alas, largely brought about by music. Is it too much that these discs could somehow bridge the gap once more? And even if it is, we present these songs to the following generation, and trust that God will make them as much of a blessing to you as they were to us.

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