Three Days That Shook The World
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Three Days That Shook The World

An attractive and glossy gospel leaflet giving a clear gospel message in relation to Easter. £5 per 100.
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Four page attractive glossy leaflet with a clear Gospel message related to Easter. Sold in bundles of 100.
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Ancient and Modern History provides dates and details of days which shook our world, wars, earthquakes, floods and recently tsunamis. One should not be insensitive to the depth of human misery resulting from any of the above, however at Easter millions across our world recall, with a deep sense of gratitude, "Three Days that Shook the World", which have huge significance and implications for everyone. These three days that cover the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ are inseparably linked together as one integral whole.
Let us consider the events of these three days.
Day 1 began very early in the morning for Jesus. A group of temple officers guided by Judas Iscariot came to arrest him, and meeting no resistance let Him away. There followed six trials, all over within a few hours, each of which betrayed the basics of justice, enshrined in both Jewish and Roman law. Finding nothing worthy of death in Him, of whom the Bible records "He went about doing good", He was delivered up to be crucified, led outside the city walls of Jerusalem, and by 9.00am was nailed to a Roman cross. From 12.00pm until 3.00pm a supernatural darkness, not an eclipse, enshrouded the sufferings of Christ at Calvary. But why? Crucially there was the matter of our sin, a huge issue for which neither human effort nor payment could atone. Man is a moral being with a free will, and is accountable to a God of absolute holiness against whom all sin is an offence. How could this humanly impassable gulf be bridged? Mercifully this Holy God is also a God of Love who gave His Son, upon whom death had no claim, as a sacrifice in order that guilty men and women, all subject to death could be forgiver and have the assurance of eternal life, for death is not a terminus only a junction. For this to be a reality in one's life is there anything to do? There is, there must be an acknowledgement of guilt before God and absolute faith in the work of Christ on the cross.
In the afternoon the body was carefully and gently taken down by two of His followers, embalmed with fragrant spices and laid in a new tomb. A great stone was set against it, sealed with the Roman Seal, and soldiers positioned to guard the tomb.
Day 2 passed and the soldiers maintained their guard. Within the silent tomb the body of Jesus lay, immune from corruption. So far as Roman and Jewish authorities were concerned Jesus of Nazareth was dead and buried. All was done. But was it?
Day 3 began early. In fact while it was yet dark his followers began to make their way to the tomb, concerned about the stone, the seal, and the soldiers. Although Jesus had told them He would rise again they had not understood, however, soon they would understand that this was no myth, but a wonderful reality. He walked with them, He talked with them, He ate with them, He was no spirit. he challenged them by saying "A spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have" There is incontrovertible proof of the resurrection of Christ, the Bible states "he was seen of over five hundred men at once". After forty days His disciples witnessed him rising through the clouds with a cloud taking Him out of sight. This return to heaven means HE IS ALIVE and will be seen again, not upon a cross, but in His heavenly glory.
These three days remain the greatest in world history, but another great day will dawn when Christ returns. Meantime you have the opportunity to believe on Him to the saving of your soul. It is urgent and vital you do so.


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