The Times of the Gentiles



Category: Old Testament Commentaries
Norman Mellish

It has pleased God to put in place governmental authorit within the whole of His creation. There are realms of authority in heaven which is clearly taught in the word of God, and when God created the world He placed Adam in control of the earth even before sin. He was crowned with glory and honour and set over the works of God's hands. After the fall the Lord still required for the earth to be governed and it pleased Him to put the rule of the world into various hands until Israel were given the supreme place to hold this world for God. Because of their failure to be failure to be faithful to the Lord they were removed from power and the government of this world was placed in Gentiles hands, this was under Nebuchadnezzar and is recorded for us in Daniel Chapter 2. This began the "Times of the Gentiles" The main thrust of the book of Daniel is to reveal the end of Gentile rule and this is the purpose of the book as seen in the four prophecies revealed to Daniel himself from chapters 7-12. In these tremendous revelations the Lord is unfolding the rise of the final world despot who will move in opposition to God, and under Satan will corrupt humanity as he brings men into rebellion against God. In these chapters we see the rise, the character he bears and the control he will manifest during the tribulation period.

There is more said in the word of God about this coming "Man of Sin" than any other person beside the Lord Jesus, and the book of Daniel takes a leading role in revealing what God says about him. As there are many who would study the prophetic truths I trust this addition to the many volumes written on the subject will prove helpful to understand the mind of God. The volume does not follow in detail all that has been written by others but it has been written after many years of careful study and I trust that those who peruse it will at least give it some careful thought. May the Lord use this to encourage others to study the subject and discern the mind of God in those things which He has revealed.

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