Trailblazers And Triumphs Of The Gospel - Christian Heritage Series - Volume 2

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The first volume in this series, published in 2017, recalled the courageous lives and costly convictions of those who brought the light of the Gospel and the truth of God's Word into the darkness of 16th to 18th century Great Britain. That is why we chose to call them Torchbearers of the Truth. The spiritual, and indeed the social, progress of the past 500 years in this country owes much to these Christians, and to the great Reformation movement which began in Europe and spread into many regions beyond. This second book takes the story forward, with accounts of some of those pioneering preachers who took the Gospel message into "regions beyond" (2 Cor 10.16). They were missionaries from the UK who ventured into the unknown, motivated by the love of God and a sense of His call to take the message of saving grace “into all the world” (Mk 16.15). We have called them Trailblazers of the Gospel, for so they were. You can follow their stories in the first section of this book. This exciting book also describes some of the Triumphs of the Gospel in the UK, and some parts of the USA, during the 19th and 20th centuries. Great revivals happened, and thousands of individuals from all walks of life were led into the triumph of the crucified, risen and glorified Christ. The second section of the book contains stirring accounts from those days, when so many found the Gospel to be “the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth” (Rom 1.16). Names included are: William Carey, Henry Martin, Adoniram Judson, Robert Moffat, Frederick W Baedeker, Lilias Trotter, Anthony Norris Groves, Robert Morrison, Robert Moffat, Jock Troup, Ira D Sankey and many more.

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