Victimization: Victory Over the Victim Mentality

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Category: Hope For The Heart Series
June Hunt

Does a crisis from your past still affect you? Is it hard to dismiss demoralizing experiences, such as the embarrassment over having an alcoholic parent, or the moneymaking scheme that bankrupted you, or the lingering effect of a spouse's unfaithfulness? Such experiences can leave lasting scars, can devour self-worth, and can ultimately leave you feeling isolated and inferior.Do you know how to...?

Identify emotional, physical, and mental side effects of victimization

Recognize codependent tendencies of a victim

Know your true self-worth

Conquer irrational fear

Establish and maintain good boundaries

If left unchecked, the victim mentality can paralyze your heart and mind for a lifetime. For lasting change to occur, you must rely on the truth of God's Word - truth about His mercy, and truth about your worth. He wants to set you free from the past with His transforming power to become all He created you to be!

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