What's Good About Good Friday
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What's Good About Good Friday

Jack Hay

This is a highly attractive, glossy gospel leaflet clearing explaining the gospel message.

The first few paragraphs detail the barbaric torture of crucifixion and asks "What's g...

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This is a highly attractive, glossy gospel leaflet clearing explaining the gospel message.

The first few paragraphs detail the barbaric torture of crucifixion and asks "What's good about Good Friday?"

It then goes on to explain that the person at the centre of these events was good and the results from these events were good. Scripture is clearly quoted throughout.

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Tract Reads:

Crucifixion was barbaric torture

The sufferings of Christ that day were unimaginable. It had begun with a hastily arranged ‘trial’ - in reality a travesty, with trumped up charges, false witnesses, and a pliable judge. The prisoner was condemned, and He became a plaything in the hands of rough soldiers. They held a mock coronation ceremony, for He had
been accused of being a king. His crown was made of long thorns. His sceptre was the stick they used to beat Him. They anointed the King by spitting on Him. The purple robe they draped around Him was drenched with His blood, for His back was torn from the scourging during His ‘trial’.
After their game, they led Him past scornful spectators to the place of execution, Calvary, a bare rock that resembled a human skull.
The Bible says, “There they crucified Him” (Luke 23.33).
Rough nails tore through His hands and feet, as the cross was dropped into its socket, His bones disjointed. Hour after hour He hung under the blistering sun, with a searing thirst. In the afternoon, as a voluntary act, He died. People have called that day Good Friday. With all that injustice, hatred, mockery, torture and murder, you might well be asking

“What’s Good About Good Friday?”

The Person at the centre of these events was good. He taught that “there is none good but one, that is, God” (Mark 10.18). But then,
Jesus is God, God the Son, and the holy character of God was displayed in His life in this world. “He went about doing good,” said Peter who knew Him so well (Acts 10.38). He was totally sinless (1 Peter 2.22). That makes Him different from us. His absolute
goodness exposes our failure and sin. We are appalled at the state of the world, but we need to face the fact that in a personal way we each have broken at least some of God’s commandments (perhaps many of them). That means that we need His forgiveness, and salvation from the eternal judgment which our sins deserve.The results from these events are also good.
The Bible describes Jesus’ death as a “sacrifice for sins” (Hebrews 10.26). That sacrifice allows God to offer pardon and salvation. He does so without asking for any contribution from us by way of
good works or religious duties (Ephesians 2.8-9). He does require us to repent, and believe on Christ for salvation. The Bible calls that conversion and without it no one will ever enter the Kingdom of
Heaven (Matthew 18.3).
Have you ever been converted to Christ? An appeal to Him for salvation will not go unheard, for He is alive. The sequel to Good Friday was Easter Sunday, when He left the tomb in resurrection power. Hundreds of people saw Him alive - the resurrection story was no cunning fabrication on the part of His followers (1 Corinthians 15.1-8). Because He “ever lives” He is “able to
save” (Hebrews 7.25).
Call upon this living Saviour today (Romans 10.13).
J Hay


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