Worship Forever CD

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Michael W Smith

The Twin Towers fell on a clear, sunny day. A terrorist attack struck at the heart of America, and the world watched in horror as nearly 3,000 lives were lost amid mountains of rubble. Twenty years later, September 11 is still etched into our minds and will be forever. That same Tuesday, Michael's 'Worship' album hit the shelves and airwaves. People around the world began to find comfort and hope in this collection of songs. The 'Worship' album resonated in ways no one could have predicted and still does today. On the twentieth anniversary of that day, Michael delivers his newest project, 'Worship Forever', a complete reimagining of the album from first track to last. Recorded with a live audience, a sixty-piece symphony orchestra, and twelve background singers, the album features special guests: Tauren Wells, Matt Redman, and Amy Grant. Track Listing: 1. Forever 2. Heart of Worship (Feat. Matt Redman) 3. Draw Me Close 4. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 5. Open the Eyes of My Heart 6. Above All 7. Breathe 8. Let It Rain 9. Agnus Dei (Feat. Amy Grant) 10. Awesome God 11. More Love, More Power (Feat. Tauren Wells) 12. Surrounded, Wamaker (Medley) 13. Forever (Reprise) 14. Sing Again  

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