Wulfgar The Saxon - Wulfgar And The Dragon

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Category: RP Children Books Age 8-13 Wulfgar The Saxon
Christina Eastwood

Hund, the rescued Wolfhound, is unaccountably injured and something mysterious is devouring all the grass in a riverside hayfield. Wulfgar and Morcant decide to keep watch and find out just what is afoot near the village. It’s all bigger than they bargained for – do they tell the Thane or just keep quiet? A clash of loyalties sees Wulfgar deeply involved in something that is far too close to insubordination for an Anglo-Saxon warrior. The Thane is furious but what will happen when the king arrives? Another set of adventures awaits Wulfgar the Saxon in this second book of the series and his loyalty and skill are going to be tested to the utmost. Painstakingly researched, the Wulfgar the Saxon books give an accurate picture of Anglo-Saxon life and how real Christian faith can fl ourish even in turbulent and dangerous times.


Suitable for ages 8-12

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