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J M Evans

This book is set in a future, dystopian world, following a series of worldwide disasters. It addresses themes of persecution, faith in difficult times, honesty and trust. Chella and her companions have to make difficult choices, but they find that when everything else is stripped away, God is faithful. He alone is their light and hope. This is the perfect book to buy for teenage girls who enjoy reading – particularly for church girls and those on the fringes of church. Themes of light, life and hope in the darkness are woven within a gripping story, which will have readers on the edge of their seats. The main character, Chella, has lived the whole of her life in one of many Areas set up by the new World Council. Religion is banned, supposedly for the sake of world peace, so Chella, along with the rest of the underground church, is used to keeping her Christian faith a secret. But when her best friend disappears, her fiancé is arrested, and astonishing rumours of people living Outside surface, a new chapter in her life begins. Chella is an unlikely heroine, battling a troubled past, a dangerous present and an uncertain future.

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