A Young Person's Guide To Knowing God

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Patricia St John

God......who is he?

What does he do?

How does a person get to know God these days? Do you just sit around waiting for him to pop in? Where does he hang out? Do you have to go out and find him in church or other 'God' places like that? It would help if he told you a bit about himself - perhaps even given you a guide to help you along the way.....

Well, God is prepared, and ready, with the best guide book ever made......the Bible. Written by himself, with the clever use of human beings as messengers, Go's book is relevant, life-changing, life-giving, adventurous, challenging....

Patricia St John realised this early on in her life. Here she has written her own guide book to encourage and help you to get into God's ultimate guide book - his word.

Read this alongside God's book, the Bible. Look up the verses. Think it all out for yourself and see what wonderful things God does when a young person gets to know God.

Suitable for ages 8-12 to read alone but this book is so full of helpful illustrations that it is a great resource for reading aloud to children who are not competant readers.

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